Elementary School Curriculum

NHA is following Des Moines Schools and Iowa core curriculum such as reading, math, science, art, and writing.
 Arabic, Qur'an, and Islamic Studies classes are also provided . Prayer is an integral part of students' day

To look at the Iowa schools core curriculum  Visit Iowa Core Curriculum website

New Horizons Academy is implementing Everyday Math program for all school grades (KG-6th).To learn more Click Here ​
​To learn more about Arabic, Quran and Islamic Studies click below

Middle School 

7th and 8th grades both follow the Iowa Core Mathematics standards to serve as the guiding documents for what students are to be able to know, understand, and do by the end of that grade level.  

Resource materials we currently use:

7th 8th Grades Math-  Students log in Click Here

In science:

7th Grade Science- Life Science Interactive by Pearson, 
8th Grade Science- Sci & Technology, Earth Structure, Water and the Atmosphere (Advanced only), Cells and Heredity, Human Body System, Intro to Chemistry, and Forces & Energy learning modules by Pearson.

Students in both courses have 45-50 minutes daily class periods​​, Study Hall period during the day helps students finish their work and get help from teachers when needed. 

Arabic, Islamic and Quran ( Reading and memorizing) classes are part of daily schedule, curriculum used varies based on students' levels ​​in each group. Seirah and Hadith is part of the Islamic studies curriculum in these grades.