Iowa Annual Qur'an Competition 
and Party

2020 Qura'n Competition Levels*

Save the Date: Saturday April 18th 2020

All participants must be present at the event to participate and must adhere to the rules, terms and conditions. 

Quran Competition registration form, rules, terms and conditions; click here

Location and time will be sent to you when you register -InshAlla-

Category 1: Memorization مجموعة الحفظ 


Regular Levels: *By Grade

Level 1:  Preschool & KG Aladeyat- Alnas (14 Surah's)

العاديات- الناس

Level 2 :1st & 2nd  Al Naze'aat النازعات

Level 3: 3rd & 4th  Al Ma'arij   المعارج

Level 4: 5th & 6th Al Momtahinah  الممتحنه

Level 5: 7th& 8th Al Tha-reyat  الذاريات
Level 6: 9th-12th  Al Sajdah  السجده 

* Challenging - for  18+ years and older- : 
Level 7: Al Anbeya'a  الانبياء

Date: April 18th 2020. Participants will be contacted prior the event to confirm date, time, location and other details - InshAlla-


Will be announced soon - InshAllah

Category 2: Reading and Recitation ( Fluently with Tajweed and Tarteel without memorization:                                                  ( مجموعة القراءة والتلاوة مع اتقان الاحكام ( بدون حفظ 

To participate in this category or if you have a question please email us at

للمشاركه في هذه المجموعه والاستفسار الرجاء التواصل معنا عبر الايميل

 على المشاركين في هذه المجموعه التواصل مع ادارة المدرسه للتاكيد والاستفسار عن توفر المستويين الاول والثاني  بفتره لا تقل عن شهرين قبل تاريخ المسابقه  

Participants in this category must communicate with the school principal to confirm availability for level one and two in Nourani Qa'eda at least 2 months before the event

Level 1 : Lessons 1-10 OF NOORANI QAIDAH.
قراء مع تطبيق دروس 1_10  من القاعدة النورانيه 

Level 2: Lessons 11-17 Of NORANI QAIDAH 
قراءه مع تطبيق دروس 11-17 من  القاعدة النورانيه  

Level 3: Reading and Recitation ( With perfect Tajweed and Tarteel ) From the Quran 

قراءه  من المصحف مع ترتيل، واتقان احكام التجويد 

*AlRazi Academy, The Islamic School of Des Moines  organizes the Iowa Annual Quran Competition and party event in Des Moines, Iowa. Our event mission is to foster and nurture an appreciation, love and enthusiasm for the Holy Quran in the hearts and minds of the children and youth in the Iowa and surrounding communities.

It aims to promote literacy in the Quran and encourage its recitation and memorization. Iowa Annual Quran Competition is a community event supported by AlRazi Academy and some local community businesses and individuals 

your involvement with the Iowa Annual Quran Competition is an opportunity for your to gain the rewards and blessing of Allah, exposure to your organization and join other individuals, organizations, and coalitions in our community to educate the youth, parents about the importance of learning Quran, promote unity efforts, and create and strengthen community partnerships. Community sponsors are the primary source of funding for this event and will help ensure its success. 

Please contact us to be part of this noble event. 

AlRazi Academy  (515)-255-0220


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