Iowa Annual Qur'an Competition 

2018 ​Qura'n Competition Levels*

All participants must adhere to the rules, terms and conditions. 

​ Quran Competition registration form, rules, terms and conditions; click here ​
Location and time will be sent to you when you register -InshAlla-

Regular Levels: *By Grade

Level 1:  Preschool Aladeyat- Alnas (14 Surah's) العاديات- الناس

Level ​2 : KG-1st Albalad-Alzalzalah (10 Surahs) البلد-الزلزله

​Level 3:  2nd-3rd Al Insan الانسان​

Level ​4:  4th-5th Altahreem التحريم

Level ​5:  6th, 7th,8th Alfath الفتح
Level 6 9th,10th, 11th Fatir فاطر

* Challenging Levels: *By Age

Level 7: Ages 3-12 Juzu'u 30
​Level 8: 12 years and older Juzu'u 27
​Level 9: Super Challenge for all ages: Surah Al Baqarah البقره

Date: April 21st 2018. Participants will be contacted prior the event to confirm details
​ - InshAlla- ​​​​


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