New Horizons Academy School Attire/Uniform

NHA has developed a school attire policy, please refer to the Parents Handbook

Boys:  Kaki or Navy Blue Pants or shorts​​
           Blue, White, Navy Blue Blouse or polo​​

Girls: ​​Kaki or Navy Blue Pants, skirts, Uniform dress or jumper
         Blue, White, Navy Blue Blouse or polo​​
         If wearing Hijab: Blue, Navy blue, white or black.​

To help earn money for your school you can purchase your child's uniform from FRENCH TOAST OFFICIAL SCHOOL WEAR store. --

NHA Source Code:QS5PHJM

Be sure to enter your source code when placing your order online or on the phone
1-800-FRENCHTOAST (1-800-373-6248) fax 1-88-296-4966

If you would like to request a catalog or need an assistance in finding /purchasing the uniform please contact sister Ihsan at our school office (515) 255-0220 or e mail us at